Our Story

Created by four lads with a passion for nice grub & a good time!

Here at ember firehouse we’re fired up to bring the people of galway & visitors from near and afar a flavour filled experience. Using Free Range Chicken, great greens and seasoned veg we’re here to deliver the goods!

We serve mouthwatering kebabs, packed bowls & amazing sides. Our kebabs are filled with chicken, veg, homemade sauces & seasoned with our house crack to give it that extra kick of flavour! 

Our restaurant is newly renovated with seating upstairs, downstairs & outside! Why not stop by and enjoy some food and drink while watching some of galways finest local musicians play some tunes!

Always Cooked Over Fire!

All of our Chicken & Veg are sourced from local producers & farmers. This helps bring you the freshest food possible! We then cook our food over our Charcoal grill! .This helps seal in the flavour and add more of a smokey unique taste to your meal.

It’s also healthier for you! Cooking on a charcoal grill helps keep nutrients in your food to bring you a healthier, tastier meal!